Our Story


Hi there, its Annabella and Stanley here we hope you are doing well.

You may have recently seen us on the CBBC show – Pocket Money Pitch, where we presented our passion for children’s stationery!  We had a great time on the show and got to meet some amazing and successful entrepreneurs who continue to inspire us each day; Steph McGovern (you know she appears on Breakfast News and talks about business) was also ace and encouraged us to pursue our ideas.

So a bit about ourselves.  We are brother and sister aged 9 and 10, and yes Annabella is the bossy big sister!  We live in Leeds Yorkshire, with our mum and dad who have helped us a bit to set this business up (just the boring bits that you need adults to do!).  Stanley is into footy and recently has taken up doing magic tricks (after seeing Dynamo at Leeds Arena) while Annabella is into music and is also currently rehearsing to appear in a show later this year.


So we are founders of designmypencilcase.com, a business that allows you to design your pencil case how you want it to be.

We are nuts about all things stationery, not sure where this passion has come from but I guess we like bright materials and objects and trying out new pens and pencils (also our dad always insist we buy him a new pencil when we have days out so I guess it’s in our genes! The family is a bit mad that way).

Our business does exactly “what it says on the tin” – i.e. you can select a pencil case of your choosing and have printed onto it your name (or other lettering) to give your pencil case that personal bespoke touch.  We have also taken things a bit further by selecting a few items of stationery that can go along with your pencil case that we have reviewed and think are good examples for kids to use.


However, call us crazy but we are also looking to hear from you about your own ideas of what makes a good pencil case or what your favourite pens or notepads are.

Please do drop us a line and photograph at info@designmypencilcase.com; do have a look at our blog about some of our own musings (link to blog page).

We hope you enjoy our website and in the convenience of your home take time to decide on what your pencil case should look like; if you think we can improve or change anything about our website it would be wonderful to hear from you, please drop us an email to info@designmypencilcase.com