Stuff Kids Say

“We found this amazing pencil case. It is 30cm long and has a totally clear front and back which means you can find your stationery quickly, it’s great for tests and exams. You can see your stationery in the pencil case, then open the zip and there you go you can select your stationery item.”

“My friend at school has this cool football pencil case. It has two zips that have one handle to hold on. You pull the handle and it leaves two gaps to get your stationery, then in the middle it leaves some material that splits the pencil case but it doesn’t have two separate sides.”

“I was searching in my draw the other day to find a pencil case I could take to school.  Then I came across one.  It’s green and has a rainbow zip. It has one zip that unravels all of the pencil case so that it is one piece of long material that is green and multi-coloured. It unravels so that if a stationery item is lower down in the pencil case you can get that much more easily.”

“My brother has this pencil case that looks like a cylinder (sideways). It has cartoony skulls on and on and can fit a lot of stationery items in.”

“I came across this pencil case the other day. It is black and is covered in multi-coloured hearts. It has got a Pocket on the outside to maybe put your scissors /glue stick. Then you have a zip, to put other stationery items in this pocket such as pencils, pens, rubbers etc.”

“A girl in my class had a really cool pencil case with her name and love hearts around her name. It also had more than one compartment and it would even stand up without you holding it!”

“My friend Ben has this rubber on the back of his pencil that smells of chocolate yum yum. He made a mistake and then rubbed it out with his rubber, looked like he hadn’t made a mistake in the first place!”

“I saw an amazing pencil case today it had a zip all around and in the inside it had flaps for different types of stationery!”

“The other day I saw a fantastic rubber it could rub mistakes out really fast. You didn’t even see what happened; it was so quick it was faster than Usain Bolt.”

“I prefer pencil cases with more than one compartment. These pencil cases are very handy because they are neat and there is also more spaces to put certain things in.”

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